Friday, November 23, 2007

Pre-Taupo fettling

Though I'm not doing Round Taupo on Saturday, there has been plenty of pre-Taupo action in the shed this week.
On Wednesday Chris Money brought his Salsa Casseroll for a tune up, and to fit a pair 700 x 30 Gran Bois Cypres tyres, which will decrease rolling resistance and increase his comfort.

Last night, Kate Mullarkey came by, washed her Fondriest and borrowed my race wheels for the womens criterium on Saturday morning.
This bit of grass will not need mowing again after being soaked with three years accumulation of toxic bike mung.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

'True Adventures' goes Global

This blog is now available at the iBOB Metablog Aggregator, a collection of 'bicycling-related blogs, some of which belong to iBOB members.'

The iBOB Metablog is the third thing I look at every morning, after Fixed Gear Gallery and Cyclofiend's Bicycle Photo galleries. Like most things in the blogosphere, quality is variable, but there's plenty of good stuff to keep you from being productive first thing in the working day.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The pleasurable misspending of a Saturday

Went forth with CT-B, intending to tool over the Hunua Gorge and back to town by Sky High Road, but renegotiated the route once we were underway.

Climbed up Sky High Road from the Clevedon side, then headed south through Hunua to view some real estate that CT-B desires, then back to civilisation via Ararimu.

Stopped at the bottom of Pratts Rd to see the Te Maketu waterfall that is hidden in the bush behind the old cemetary, thence to Drury where I inhaled a steak & cheese pie, and CT-B knocked off a huge & greasy chicken leg.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Classic Road Racer Rally 2007

From the ever-excellent My Cycle Touring with Toei website, a report on the Classic Road Racer Rally 2007 in Yamato-Kogen.
Without understanding a word of the text, this looks like a great day out- a few like-minded geezers get together with a collection of stunning vintage bikes, go for a ride, and if the photos are in chronological order, stop twice for food.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Unrequited CBAD

Last week I got overexcited about this Ron Cooper that was on ebay, but not as excited as ebayer paradigmshiftingrev, who is now the proud owner.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Butter Chicken and other delights

Patch the failed pig dog did not get any of these fine bacon & egg sandwiches that Chris Money made for Ross Corlett and me after we rode the BCL on Saturday morning.
The plan was for me to get the train to Newmarket, but track maintenance there meant I had to get off at Sylvia Park and meet Ross & Chris at Royal Oak.
Once we got going, Ross cranked along like a small, masochistic locomotive, while Chris tried to cough up a lung which gave me an excuse not to attempt to match Ross' pace on the hills.

In the PM, we used a large carpenter's square to establish that Sam Money had outgrown his road bike.