Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wherein DB blows a trip to Buck House

Gordon Brown called earlier today.
As the man in charge of a major economy headed down the gurgler, you would think he had better things to do, but he said he was calling to thank me for singlehandedly boosting the British economy by the purchase of the 1959 Condor frame below.

Now, anyone who has ever read this blog will immediately realise that I was motivated by not even the slightest flicker of altruism but by a relapse of my chronic CBAD , induced by the curly-lugged fabulosity of this fine specimen of Bill Hurlow's work; however I didn't want to upset Gordo and so let him prattle on a bit.

After a couple of minutes of waffle, he cleared his thoat, hummed and harred a bit, then blurted out that I might like to contribute a similar kings ransom to the British Labour Party, and that in return, he'd fix me up with a knighthood.

I was gobsmacked, and let Gordo know it in no uncertain terms: " You miserable Scots Git, for the price the Condor, I'd expect a peerage"

Fortunately for my personal economy, a quick inventory of the shed reveals a suitable Classic Hits selection of components- 50's Campag Gran Sport wide flange hubs that Simon Kennett rustled up from a recycling centre; 1st generation Record front derailer from John Rhodes; and, just arrived from Wayne Davidson, a Record rear derailler.
If the cable stops under the top tube are not offset to the right, I will use Universal Mod 68 sidepulls, otherwise there's a nice set of Dia-Compes that will serve while I look for some Weinmann or GB sidepulls.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Money/Mouth v1.2

Timmy: "Just as expected, Cancellara pastes the field in the final TT to win the GC.

We like the 440ml man-cans of Tui DB, just so you know, :)"


"See attached.
Commit label to memory."

Julian Dean: "Whoever wins the opening time trial, which is likely to be Fabian Cancellara in his current form, will likely hold it until we get into Andorra.”

DB: "This is not about athletic form, but a contest of Timmy's starry eyed love for Fabu versus my natural dark cynicism."

Defy Evolution

The new blog of polymath about town Stu Hill will be worthy of your frequent and diligent attention.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Winter Solstice Ride 2009


You might think this looks like the cover of a Pogues bootleg, but in fact it is CTB dispensing whisky to the 14 true believers who made it up Maungakiekie at 6am on Saturday morning for the Winter Solstice Ride.

Fortified with the finest Scotch, CTB led us on a helterskelter tour of suburban roads, cycleways and footpaths of Auckland to Dispensary Bar, which turned us away, and thence to the welcoming Shakepeare Tavern.

After a couple of warming pints, we took ourselves to Headquarters at the Viaduct Basin for breakfast, followed by a laps of Tamaki Drive.


Half a Cowboy Breakfast

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Money, Mouth v1.1

Tim Woolford is very sure that I will be buying him a box of beer after the Tour de France Prologue.