Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Sleazy old Jim Morrison once droned that 'the West is the best', but following Jim's advice is usually good for at least a night in jail, so I am slightly surprised that I have the last found myself on Birdwood Rd thrice in the last eight days, each time in the best of company..

First, on Boxing Day Stuart Hill led CTB, Gerry and me through a Gordian knot of West Auckland backroads in lieu of our intended Butter Chicken Loop.

Second, last Wednesday CTB, Gayle and I again abandoned BCL, this time in deference to Gayle's knee, instead heading up Birdwood to the comforts of the Kumeu Bakehouse.

Third, yesterday, despite my providing misinformation about the start time, Amy, Gayle, Emma, Jay and I once again ascended Birdwood enroute to Ridge Rd and on to Devonport.

Emma, despite the possibility that she was hallucinating by the halfway point, has ably recounted the ride on her blog.