Tuesday, June 27, 2006

1963 Condor Italia

Frame serial #6305

Not my size, but at NZ$72 on Trademe I couldn't help myself.
I suspect that the fork isn't original, but I'm sufficiently charmed by the British Cycling Federation stickers on each forkleg not to care.

As purchased there wasn't too much to get excited about except the frame, which has faded but original paint, a good headbadge and exceptionally sharp lugwork.
Although it is blue/grey now, unfaded paint under the clamped on fittings is a rich purple.

The lugs seem to be sandcastings, which must have been unusual by the time this frame was built. The ID of the seat lug is stepped to allow the top of the seattube to be cut square, a common practice with modern investment cast lugs.
The Campagnolo 1010 dropouts have no eyelets, suggesting that a single purpose racing frame rather than a generic English clubmans bike.

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Condor page at Classic Rendezvous

Headset________________Campagnolo Gran Sport
Bottom bracket___________Stronglight
Brakes_________________Mafac 2000 (Mafac Racer pictured)
Brake levers_____________Mafac
Shift levers______________Zeus Criterium
Front derailler___________Zeus (Campagnolo Gran Sport pictured)
Rear derailler____________Zeus Criterium (Campagnolo Nuovo Record pictured)
Rims__________________700c clincher
Saddle_________________Brooks Professional (Ideale Mod 90 pictured)

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Nice back drop for the photo - are you in the Botanic gardens?