Monday, July 16, 2007

Chris Money's new steel bike

On Saturday afternoon, we swapped Money's late 20th Century Avanti Kona frame for this fine Salsa Casseroll.

Needless to say, these jobs are never straightforward.
The Shimano BB was frozen into the Avanti frame, so I stripped the Campagnolo AC-H cartridge and Suntour Superbe Pro cranks off my neglected windtrainer bike.

The Casseroll frame makes a great all-round road bike.
It has a full set of rack and mudguard eyelets, and clearance for 32mm tyres with mudguards, or 35mm without.
Long, stainless steel, horizontal dropouts allow easy conversion to single speed or fixedgear.

Sizing is, maybe, a bit weird.
A 55cm Casseroll fits almost identically to my 60cm Ritchey Breakaway.
The frames are large for their nominal size, and I would recommend paying attention to top tube and head tube lengths when ordering.


Redwoods said...

Wow, is that a metal polisher in the back ground?
You have all the best toys.

David Benson said...

What good eyesight you have Mr Wolf, indeed it is.
I have used it a little of late, without losing any digits or flinging any parts across the room, but I still like to sit down with a tube of Solvol and a rag for some conteplative timewasting. You'll see some of the results when I blog 'Mafac Top 63 Part 2'.