Wednesday, August 08, 2007

More dodgy retro fashion.

After a decent interval of procrastination, I fitted some press studs to a pair of cutdown NZo 307 Lites, thereby converting them into a decent pair of cycling plus-twos. I have been commuting in them for a couple of weeks, worn over a pair of NZo Cruiseliners.
While you can get knickers in hemp, or wool gabardine, or fancy Swiss nano-fabric, the cutdown 307s are hard to beat for cost, ease of laundering and Nzo's legendary crashworthiness.
The only downside is that NZo doesn't acually make these themselves. If you think you would like a pair, or better a pair of knee length Dobies, feel free to deluge NZo with emails.


Barry Bryant said...

I've been looking for - or rather, at - various different plus-whatevers, breeches, britches, knickers etc for some time now. I think the fact taht we can't even agree on a name for the garmet indicates it's at the nadir of its popularilty and the only way is up. Having said that, these days I just wear Dickies shorts with long socks, which look fairly period - maybe more 40s than 30s - and you still get the long socks effect to keep your calves warm, which is turn help keep warm blood going to your feet. BB

Paul Mason said...

Interesting look Dave. I think these may just inspire me to design Solo's very first pair of bib shorts.