Monday, February 18, 2008

BMX, Wine & Food

On Sunday, CTB and I took a jaunt via Swanson and Riverhead, to watch some BMX racing at Albany, and finishing up at the Devonport Wine & Food Festival.
My day started on the train from Otahuhu to Newmarket, whence I rode to CTB's subdelux bachelor accomodation at Waterview.
By 9:30am, CTB was out of bed, dressed in appropriate gear, his Hillman fixie was suitably festooned with baggage, and the coffee machine was warmed up.
Our route took us along the North Western cycleway to Swanson, where CTB dropped me like a stone on the climb up Birdwood. So much for his assertion that he was handicapping himself by riding the fixie.
At Riverhead, we stopped at Hallertau for a beer before climbing Ridge Rd to the top of Highway 18. Descending into Albany, the boot was on the other foot as CTB ran out of legspeed while I coasted.
We spent long enough at the BMX watch a few races and inhale a hotdog each, then headed to Devonport for the Wine & Food Festival. There we ate yet more, sampled a few glasses of wine, the highlight being the Thornbury Pinot Gris, and were entertained by Hello Sailor and The Lady Killers.
We returned to Auckland on the ferry, parting at Britomart where I caught another train home to Otahuhu.


ames said...
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David Benson said...
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ames said...
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Antoine said...

Now that's a coincidence! I found this blog after you were mentioned in some "Nzo" spam I receive from them regularly.
I took of photo of you and your friend at the BMX meet. I was there with my sons and have an interest in classic bikes, so I snapped a picture for my Flickr page.

Please don't take offense at the "touring weirdos" headline. I was just winding up an American friend with an addiction to Rivendells.

cyclotourist said...

You say "addition" like it's a bad thing...