Monday, July 21, 2008

Roy Thame is here

and it's a fine thing, albeit more of a single purpose device than I had hoped.
Frame geometry is 74.5 degrees parallel, and there is only a righthand downtube shifter boss, suggesting that the frame was built exclusively for TTs, not a pastime that I have engaged in for about 15 years, nor ever shown any aptitude for.

On the positive side, it is as feathery light as you would expect of a 531SL frame, and devoid of rust and dings. Even the Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pista headset seems to be useable.

A previous owner has used a pair of clamp-on shiftlevers, and rigged up a front derailler cable guide under the BB, and being no latter day Alf Engers I will do the same.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you are just going to have to own a TT bike...after all, this is the second one to try and enter your stable (witcomb=#1)

David Benson said...

Indeed. The Spousal Unit has already commented on the similarity.
Owning a TT bike is one thing, but using it for it's designed purpose is highly unlikely.