Friday, May 22, 2009

Money, Mouth #2

I feel compelled to report that Celebrity Economist Chris Tennent-Brown has wagered $500 with Andrew 'Walt' Walton, that he, CTB, will crush Walt on the 2009 edition of the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge, and that he will do so riding his Ken Evans or some similar bike with a steel frame, friction shifting and no more than 7 speeds.

It is my understanding that this is, in fact, a vendetta thinly diguised as a bet, and that Walt could get himself off the hook simply by buying the Colnago master frame currently languishing at CYCO.


Oli Brooke-White said...

That's so funny - I have a built up one of them in my shop today!

Anonymous said...

game on!

Anonymous said...

CTB and Walt.

It's not a real wager unless there's the risk of losing and having to share one's spouse. Come on! Get with the programme!

Scone said...

Hey Dave - completely off the subject - do you anything about the Saronni frames that turn up in NZ?

And a good wager should also have a humiliation factor for the loser as well.

David Benson said...

This is worthy of a blog, with photos, but here goes:
The Saronnis that were imported into New Zealand around 1987-88 were made by Tecnotrat,not Colnago.
Later Tecnotrat frames were branded as De Bernardi, which I was told was the name of the owner of the company. There were also a few imported in early 87 with Ferrari stickers.
Several tubing variations over the years: Falck, Columbus Aelle, Columbus SL Tretubi (3 main tubes only), Columbus Matrix or Cromor on De Bernardis imported later on.
De Bernardis with Aelle had crimped tubing like a Colnago Master, fully chromed with translucent blue or red chromovelato paint.
To differentiate from Colnago Saronnis- Tecnotrat seatstays were always mitred onto the investment cast seatlug, while Colnago used seatstay plugs brazed to the side of the lug.

Oli Brooke-White said...

Thanks for answering some questions about my old Ferrari! In 92-94 I had an all chrome one in Aelle that was a hand-me-down from Henry...

Scone said...

Thanks for the info. There's a Saronni on TradeMe, however it's looking like I'll skip it to try and secure this old beast: