Monday, June 22, 2009

Winter Solstice Ride 2009


You might think this looks like the cover of a Pogues bootleg, but in fact it is CTB dispensing whisky to the 14 true believers who made it up Maungakiekie at 6am on Saturday morning for the Winter Solstice Ride.

Fortified with the finest Scotch, CTB led us on a helterskelter tour of suburban roads, cycleways and footpaths of Auckland to Dispensary Bar, which turned us away, and thence to the welcoming Shakepeare Tavern.

After a couple of warming pints, we took ourselves to Headquarters at the Viaduct Basin for breakfast, followed by a laps of Tamaki Drive.


Half a Cowboy Breakfast


Oli Brooke-White said...

Mmmmmm, breakfast...

CTB said...

the picture of the bikes outside the pub at 7am is so cool.. This must have caused significant confusion to ana cyclists riding past to the mechanic's bay ride, not to mention non cyclists who were wrapping up their fridy night's drinking, at the same time we were starti g our Saturday shall we do it again?


Defy Evolution said...

Do it again? Hell yes! I'll even trot out my Barbie Pink Jean Delatour kit to better blend in around the bars.