Friday, September 17, 2010

Scraping the bottom of the barrell?

This week I broke one of my rules of being on holiday, and visited a couple of local bikeshops on my own time.

On Tuesday I went to Cycle Express to collect some Suntour Superbe Pro cranks that Bruno had rethreaded for use on my tandem.

Twice, I found myself at T.White's Bikes.
Saturday evening for the excellent CGG Jenna Makgill fundraiser, which left me financially poorer but hopefully rich in kharma; then again yesterday to get a set of single chainwheel attachment bolts for the aforementioned tandem.

This is not a normal situation for me- having assembled my last four vintage bikes almost entirely from parts that I had on hand, I don't expect a project to grind to a halt for want of a packet of bolts.
Perhaps this means that I am finally scraping the bottom of my barrell?

I doubt it.
Despite using some of the pile of parts into bicycles, and some recent success selling surplus frames on Trademe, my shed looks no less cluttered.

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