Saturday, October 16, 2010

First outing on the 'new' tandem

Occasionally I pine for Ergopower shiftlevers on one of my road bikes, but not being even a faux-racer, I don't feel the need often enough to spend the money.
On the tandem, its a different kettle of cod- after today's shakedown ride I don't think I could use anything else on the tandem again.

Resplendent in new Revolution Bicycles merino jerseys, Gayle and I took the Bob Jackson for shakedown ride around the Mangere shitponds loop this morning.

Overall, it feels a lot like Worrall's Bob Jackson which we rode earlier this year, but the improved gear shifting makes it a lot easier to ride.

The friction shifting on Worrall's bike is surprisingly good, but it is still frustratingly easy to miss a shift on a climb and lose momentum.

No such problem with the Ergopower shifters - early in the ride we floated up short climbs in easy gears, later on we were attacking them out of the saddle and shifting up as we started to spin out.

The self-energising cantilever brakes were a revelation too.
I had the same brakes on the bike in the early 90's but remembered the front Scott SE as grabby and prone to juddering.
Today, fitted with KoolStop salmon pads, they were smooth and powerful enough that I am lucky that Gayle's teeth are not embeded in my spine.

I am looking forward to lots of fun and mischief on this bike.

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