Saturday, February 17, 2007

Wasting time with old bikes, part 2

A few months back Rick Woodward treated himself to a metal polisher, which he initially powered with a coffee grinder motor before embarking on Toolman-esque quest for more power.
The latest motor seems to be meeting with Rick's approval, but I'm wary of any tool that can flick a heavy object across the room at my first lapse of concentration, so lately I've been polishing a few widgets by hand:

This 1995 Chorus seatpost was heavily scratched from being pushed all the way into a small frame.
I removed the worst of the scratches with 120 grit emery tape before polishindg with progrssively finer wet & dry, and finishing with Autosol.
It probably has a home on my Bianchi.

Simon Kennett gave me this pair of 1950's Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs a few years ago.
Until recently they have been waiting for a suitable project (and that's a story for another day).
These Harden hubshells belong to Wayne Davidson from Invercargill, and are part of a transaction so convoluted that probably neither of us knows where or when it will end.
They will look good on one of the English 1950's road /track frames presently cluttering my shed.

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