Friday, June 15, 2007

60cm Rory O'Brien frame seeks new home

The arrival of the Hurlow means that something has to go, and the Rory O'Brien frame drew the short straw.
It's on on Trademe until next Tuesday at 4:25pm. Reserve is $50.
From the TradeMe auction:

"A frame with some interesting features- fastback seatstays with an unusual seat collar, Campagnolo vertical rear dropouts and round track fork blades.
Requires long reach (47-57mm) brakes.
Brazed-on top tube cable guides, bidon bosses, downtube lever bosses, seatstay cable stop and cable guides under bottom bracket.
Sold to me as a Rory OBrien, but I have no evidence to support or disprove this.

Seat tube: 60cm centre-top
Top tube: 57cm top tube
Wheelbase 100cm
Ritchey Logic headset fitted"

According to CR-list contributor Mick Butler, Rory O'Brien was a 'famous East London cycle shop owner ' who had frames built by Ephgrave. I would guess that this was built by someone else, well after Les Ephgraves' death in 1969.

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