Monday, March 02, 2009

2009- the score so far

With only two months of the year passed, I have already destroyed more than my share of kit:

1/ In an incident of which I cannot tell, one Giro Pneumo helmet.
It is some consolation that my head took all the impact, leaving unscathed a brand new pair of Bicycle Fixation knickers; and that the Ionos that replaced the Pneumo is a much better fit.

2/ Daydreaming while descending Rotorua's Billy T trail , I bent my GT Peace 9r forks against a tree.

3/ One pair Rapha Grand Tour gloves torn in an otherwise unremarkable topple on a gravel road. A replacement pair is not in my budget, so I have ordered a pair of Knog Stranglers.

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Oli Brooke-White said...

Ouch! Be careful out there!