Monday, September 10, 2007


That's Compulsive Bicycle Acquisition Disorder, and I've got it.
So has Matt Seaton who wrote in 'Two Wheels' of an addiction that requires 'a degree of subterfuge in hiding one's compulsive bike acquisition habit from one's family that only alcoholics and serial adulterers would recognise.'

I'm lucky that my Spousal Unit prefers an ever increasing inventory of old bikes to finding whiskey bottles or teenage mistresses in the wardrobe, but some CBAD sufferers are not so lucky. On occasion I have provided discreet storage and other laundering facilities to friends who have added to their collections without spousal sanction.

Yesterday I was uncharacteristically restrained, deciding not to bid on this 1972 Frejus frame, although I have wanted one ever since I sold my first one in 1979. I don't think this indicates that I am getting my problem under control- there were too many potential logistical hurdles extracting it from the United States.

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