Friday, September 15, 2006

Going to Eroica

Tonight I'm in Singapore's Changi Airport, enroute to to Italy, for the Milan Show, some stinky lightweight cycletouring, and Eroica.
I'll be heading home via Velo Rendezvous.

I'm as disorganised as I'm excited, and until a week ago had not decided which bike to take.
I had been waiting for a nice Frejus or other old Italian bike to present itself for duty, but it wasn't to be, so I delved into the shed and dragged out my Cecil Walker.

Last time I rode Cecil any distance was last year's K1, when I felt the 47/32 x 13-26 gearing didn't give close enough ratios, so I 'upgraded' the TA Cyclotouriste cranks to a 50/47/32 half step plus granny. This required a longer cage rear derailler, so a late model Campagnolo Rally was disinterred. It's not a great shifter, but its the shiniest thing on the bike.
Kim Sinclair gave me the scoop on the road conditions in Tuscany, so I swapped out the Conti 700 x 37 pictured for some Rivendell Riffy Tuffys.

I have a few days of business commitments, after which I want to visit the chapel at Madonna di Ghisallo, the Museo di Campionnissimi at Novi Ligure, and the Coppi hoise at Castellania before haeding to Tuscany for Eroica.
I'll be updating the blog whenever I get some internet access.

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