Thursday, September 21, 2006

Man cannot live on pizza alone..

but you could give it a bloody good try if they would only serve it at breakfast.
I think I need to broaden my dining experiences somewhat, but it would help if I knew what I was ordering.

This afternoon I'm taking the train to Tortona, to see the Museo di Campionissimi at Novi Ligure, and the Fausto Coppi House in Castellania.
Some of the details, like accomodation, are a bit nebulous, but at least the weather is warm if I have to sleep under a bridge.

On Saturday & Sunday I might try to ride to San Remo via the latter part of the Milan-San Remo course.

The last few days have been frustrating, and work-related.
A trip to Vicenza to meet with Campagnolo, where I was unable to see the factory, was supposed to be followed by a visit to Fizik in Pozzoleone, but thanks to a comedy of communicational errors, it didn't happen.

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