Monday, April 23, 2007

Siena, again

This morning I was still munted from yesterday's exertions, so I decided on an easy day.
Radda to Siena is only 28kms, too easy, so I took a detour via the part of the percorso Eroica, starting with the downhill strada bianca through Vertine which is the last section of the 200km ride.
After stopping for coffee in the square at Gaiole, I followed the Eroica signage through three or four stretches of strada biancha before I missed a sign and found myself in sight of Siena's towers. I followed a couple of backroads in the hope of finding lunch at a rustic osteria, but they were dead-ends.
Finally, I got lunch, and Big Boy of Birra Moretti in a restaurant decorated with photos of il Palio, the annual horse race held in the main square of Siena.

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