Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Siena to Volterra

Last year I rode in the opposite direction from Volterra to Siena, so I made an effort today to find another route.
I wasn't entirely successful, missing a planned turn early on, but I found an alternative a few kms later that took me away from my previously beaten path.

It is unseasonably hot here, and I was happy to find an osteria in San Dalmazia just when I was starting to wilt. A plate of ravioli, some salad and a beer saw me right.

Last year I arrived in Volterra a total wreck, unprepared for the 450m climb to the town. I was better prepared this time, with plenty of water for rehydration and cooling.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to Massa Marittima, hopefuly to be reunited with my bike case and other possessions, before catching the train back to Milan on Thursday.


benny said...

Hey Dave, your underestimating your climbing, The main square of Volterra is a 535m climb from the bottom. But then you can leave the square, and ride even higher, another 56m. But what a hoot on the way down, as long as you don't meet any of the tour buses. Ciao benny

David Benson said...

According to my Sports Instuments altimeter, its 94m at Saline de Volterra, 544m at the city walls (can't remember which gate though). I'll try to posyt some photos later today.