Monday, May 21, 2007

Ebay relapse

Today I planned to buy a Ron Cooper frame on ebay from a guy in Texas, but ended up buying a W.B Hurlow from English collector Hilary Stone.

The Ron Cooper would have been a nice match for my Gillott, but I fumbled my last-second bid.
The Hurlow looks very similar to my 1963 Condor Italia, but with the advantage that it is my size. I maintained my bidding resolve by surfing through photos of Kevin Krugers similar '72 Hurlow on Wool Jersey.

Hilary's auction spiel:
'Offered for sale is a very original 24in ctt W B Hurlow frame from 1969. Top tube length is 22in and rear dropout width is 124mm. This beautifully built frame was built with Prugnat lugs. Bill Hurlow was one of the very top framebuilders in the UK during the 1950s to 1970s period. There are some other lovely touches - the curved chainstay bridge and reinforced seatstay bridge for example. The frame is in very sound condition though the finish has detoriated somewhat.

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