Tuesday, May 22, 2007

FOR SALE 1956 Frejus Tour De France $240

An ill-advised Trademe purchase from earlier in the year, which I would like to quit for what it owes me.
This bike could be made into a clean, useable thing with a couple of days work, or restored to original condition.

As is typical with older Italian bikes, the paint is in good nick for it's age, but the chrome is peeling everywhere. If you want to retain the original finish you can keep the rust at bay with occasional applications of WD40 or similar.
The Dunlop Special Lightweight rims are also rusty, but I think they would look 100% better with a wire brushing.

More photos HERE. Double click on the image for full size.

Seat tube_____55cm centre to top
Top tube_____55cm
Stem________GB Reynolds 531 10cm
Cranks_______Duprat with Magistroni chainrings
Brakes_______Mafac Dural Forge
Rear Derailler__Campagnolo Gran Sport (pre-1961)
Rims________Dunlop Special Lightweight 27 x 1-1/4

EMAIL for more information, or call me on 021 2942888

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