Monday, May 07, 2007

Toei Demontable

Not unlike my Breakaway, but in a more retro idiom: Mr Kojima's stunning Toei Demontable.
To complement the flawless Toei workmanship, the bike is subtly tricked out with such exotica as custom-made chainrings, titanium-railed Ideale Mod.90 saddle and a Campagnolo aluminium freewheel.
The rubber strap on the chainstay (left) is to protect the paint from chainslap.

For a largely meaningless but entertaining translation, cut & paste the URL into Babelfish.

The Toei is based on the French Rene Herse demountable design, shown here on Jan Heine's Vintage Bicycle Press website.
Herse Demontables featured shiftlevers on the seattube, so that only the back brake cable must to be disconnected for disassembly.
Mr Kojima's bike has conventional downtube shiftlevers, so presumably the derailler cables must also be disconnected before the bike can be disassembled.

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