Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Leather fetish

This week I had a small ebay splurge, stocking up on TA bottom brackets & crankarms, but the item I really wanted eluded me. Despite already owning 4 Ideale leather saddles, I'm still hankering for a cutaway, aluminium rail Model 90, but lack the financial recklessness necessary to acquire one.
This beauty sold for US$311.69, which is nothing like top dollar- in 2005 this Ideale Model 57 went for US$2175, according to the Classic Rendezvous Market Highs page.

The buyer, ebayer tdan4th, must have the world's largest collection of Brooks and Ideale saddles. Check out his ebay feedback- 21 saddles since 14th June, which makes my recent acquisition of only two non-cutaway Model 90s seem almost rational.

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ames said...

macy home on ponsonby rd has a beautiful old (but new) posty bike, cream with a lovely tan brooks. i wonder if the snobby old women who ignore their customers realize how cool it is sitting in the window.

alas the 40-odd year old guy who rides up ponsonby rd every morning on his amsterdam special does. he's a site to behold with his suit and tie, briefcase tied to the carrier, hair following in the wind, dodging the cars. he looks like something out of a fashion magazine...on an old bike. very cool. ps. and no he's not a mormon