Saturday, September 15, 2007

Delving into Flickr

For years I have stored photos on a couple Yahoo albums, but recently Yahoo have migrated all my photos over to Flickr, which turns out to be no bad thing. While Yahoo albums were discrete entities, Flickr is more of an interconnected community. Users can 'pool' photos into groups, like the Steel Bike Gallery, the 650b Bicycles pool, or the Classic Lightweight Bicycles pool. And one for Dan Rosser, the Mercian owners pool.

Flickr is also searcheable. After only a few minutes of rainy day delving, I present a cornucopia of links for your websurfing pleasure:

A stunning 1979 W.B. Hurlow racing frame
Bob Freitas' Hurlow seen at the 2007 Marin Century
A series of photos showing legendary English framebuilder Ron Cooper at work.
For baggage fetishists, there's the Carradice Club
The Bicycle Head Badge pool

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