Thursday, March 06, 2008

Mark Battley's Frejus

Mark Battley has, more or less, finished the Frejus Super Corsa that I sold to him (misidentified as a Tour de France) a few months ago.
You can see his before and after photos here.
He can't rest too long on his laurels though, because he has the ex-Bruce O'Halloran 1968 Colnago that caused a brief frenzy on the CR List earlier in the year.


Brian's time machine said...

Whoa. I'd forgotten about that bike. I gave Bruce that seat to replace some horrible thing that was on there. It's a campagnolo saddle with a kind of inner tube arrangement inside it that lets you adjust how hard or soft the saddle feels.

David Benson said...

Yep, its a Campagnolo Electa.
Late 80s, if memory serves.
A workmate bought one, reckoned it was most (maybe only) comfortable with no air pressure.

Mark said...

Mid 80s from what I have been able to find out?

Bruce told me earlier this week that the seat the bike used to have was a plain plastic uncovered Unicantor. Coincidentally I acquired one with the Campag seatpost I bought for the bike recently....

Electa is reasonably comfortable (at least up to 60km so far) without air in it, haven't tried to pump it up.