Friday, March 14, 2008

Taking stock

On the Breakfast Ride this morning, Amy Taylor interrogated me as to exactly how many bikes I have, and I was unable to give a definitive answer.
As far as I can remember, this is the current inventory:

1995 Benson nowadays with 9 speed Campagnolo
Ritchey Breakaway, currently disassembled to touch up the paint
2002 Benson Demountable

1969 Gillott
1969 Hurlow
1963 Condor Italia a neglected size Small Retro Ride loaner
80's Echelon Spectra, aka Team McCall
1981 Cecil Walker

Off Road
2007 Gt Peace 9r singlespeed

Ritchey Breakaway Fixed/singlespeed

In stasis (mosly frames):
1956 Holdsworth Whirlwind (with broken seat tube)
1956-ish Holdsworth Zephyr
1952 Claud Butler Olympic Sprint
1958 Flying Scot
50's JRJ road/track
Esposito the mystery Italian
A putative Rory O'Brien
Olympic mystery Australian road frame
Some manky Legnanos

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