Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cabin Fever will make you do stupid things

Today's plan was for bi-modal* semi-epic in the Waitakeres with my lawyer**, who wants to test out her new compact crankset.

Yesterday, in view of the forecast for thunderstorms, we downgraded to a ride on our fixies to to eat doughnuts at il Forno, but this morning's weather didn't meet my lawyer's stringent trackie criteria for going out at all.

After a couple of hours of housework and sulking I figured decide that things didn't look as bad as the forecast, and headed for the hills on the fixed gear Ritchey.
I got as far as the Hunua Gorge before I had to don my rainjacket, which stayed on for the subsequent climbs over Sky High Rd and Twilight.

I surprised myself by getting over the first two climbs without imploding, though my plan to knock off Sky High Road in the saddle will have to wait for another day.
Twilight was not in the original plan, but I was still feeling good as I rolled into Clevedon, so I thought 'Why not?'. My body had different ideas though, and I crawled, numb-legged, to the top.
From there onwards, it is flattish, and the wind was less obtrusive than I expected, until just south of Papatoetoe when it was all I could do to maintain forward motion. By the time I got my lunch kebab from Lil Abners it had died down enough for a dignified return to the neighbourhood.

Tomorrow will be interesting. I'm predicting sore legs, but a good mood. Might try for a light spin on a bike with gears.
Monday: legs OK, but irritable.

* featuring trains and bicycles
**you never know when you might need one, especially given that its frowned upon to get about with a handgun or a trained attack dog. And if you do either of those things, you'll definitely be needing one sooner or later.


Phil. said...

A couple of us went for a spin up in the YTAKs on Sunday morning and it wasn't bad at all. It was the same cabin fever - who cares what the weather was doing - just pretend you are a hard Belgium rider!
We got talking about the weather extremes we have ridden in. Mine was Dec 22nd '92 in Epping Forest UK on my Clockwork Orange. Ice, killer fog, below zero & snow but no wind. It was a magic ride! Someone nicked the bike in Auckland and I've still got my eye out for it but I think it has long gone to the in-organic collection by now.

Do you have any tips on bringing the metal on my old Weinmann brakes to life? The alloy is that dull look. It's part of my '79 Carlton fixed conversion project.


David Benson said...

There was a Clockwork Orange on Trademe a couple of months ago.

Have you tried Autosol on your Weinmann brakes? If the surface is not pitted, its probably all they will need toget them shining better than new.