Thursday, August 07, 2008

Roller Mayhem #1

It is likely that the Winchester in St Benedict St has never seen such a diverse crowd as the bike couriers, fixie hipsters, tattoed scenesters, BMX outlaws, egomaniacs, roadies, trackies, masked strangers, Captains of Industry, media personalities, lesbians, economists, mechanics, appalled passers-by, drunkards and scandalized regulars who were there last night for the first round of the Mayhem Sessions roller racing season; and that even in its past days as a Masonic Lodge no weirder rituals were enacted there.

More Photos HERE

Mayhem Session #2 will be back at the The WINCHESTER, 24 St. Benedicts Street from 7pm on Wednesday 13.
On August 20th, there will be a womens competition, so get your fishnets out.

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