Thursday, August 21, 2008

Roller Mayhem #3

Mayhem reigned on and off stage last night, as an unruly coven of mouthy and partisan Fixie Hipster WAGs gave MC John Bridges a run for his money.

First up on the rollers, celebrity economist Chris Tennent-Brown opened the bidding with an 18.2 second effort that would have put him into last weeks final, before quitting the field in favour of dinner.
Not to be outdone by someone who was riding before he was born, Alex Cull cranked out a 17.5, sending himself to the semis along with Tony Wilkinson, a surprised and slightly terrified Darryll Parker, and shirtless Steady Rolling Crew wildman Teva Chonon.

In the semis Cull and Wilkinson despatched their opposition for an all-Cycle City final which Cull won handily.

Six women and a masked transvestite fronted for the Girly Bits competition, which saw the Mayhem Session's first ever deadheat as Rosie McCall and Kate Mullarkey reprised their annual rivalry at the Manukau Velodrome to post the second fastest qualifying time of 20.9.

The sublime Gayle Brownlee of Solo topped the standings with a 20.4, and Claire Routledge's 22.0 filled out the last 4.

Seeded together again in the semi, Rosie and Kate again made Mayhem Sessions history as McCall defeated Mullarkey in the Session's first ever photo finish. Gayle demolished Claire with a 19.9, then cranked out the same time to defeat Rosie in the final.

Justin Grace regained the SEIC trophy from Damian Wiseman, choosing to race rather than armwrestle, and set a new record of 16.0seconds.

Mayhem Session #4 will be back at the The WINCHESTER, 24 St. Benedicts Street from 7pm on Wednesday 27.


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