Monday, December 21, 2009

Chris Whitley - Monday updates

From Peter Alexander:
After battling an infection late last week that had his temperature up, Chris has had a good night last night and his lungs appear to be much better. Antibiotics go so far, but the body has to contribute a lot to the healing as well.

He was able to give one of his riders advice for training while he is away overseas, and had the room in stitches during another visit from a couple of riding colleagues. Though such visits often tire Chris out, he seems to have taken this in his stride a bit better, and a bit of laughter appears to be good medicine for him.

Chris continues to be well looked after, and was even able to get his bed turned around to check out his old stomping ground on the North Shore through the window. The medical staff are still keeping a good eye on him, and again he seems to have taken some good steps in recent days.

Jan is keeping busy around visits to the hospital, and sounded really upbeat this morning. Her strength and focus continue to be an inspiration.

...and from Liz Williams:
Chris has been moved from critical into the high dependency ward.
He still has a trach tube in his throat so can't talk, but is communicating by writing notes which are apparenly legible and make perfect sense.
The doctors have said that every day will be different, and he is expected to recover a lot faster once this lung infection has cleared up.
He was stoked with the card that everyone signed on Friday night so thanks for that.
He still gets very tired so if you're planning to visit please leave a message for Jan, or Jenny and Paul first.
Visits have to be very short, and lots of time between each one.
This is the nature of head injuries like Chris's, he really needs lots of rest!

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