Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let's keep this quiet...

Donna was away for a few days, so I took the opportunity to replace the broken SKS mudguards on her Long Haul Trucker with a pair or Velo Orange Zeppelins.
So far she hasn't noticed.
Intended for 650B wheels which are larger than the 26" on the Long Haul Trucker, the Zeppelins need some extra effort to get a good mudguard line, which I achieved on the back wheel with this custom stainless bracket, and a less elegant plastic block behind the chainstay bridge.

At present the front guard is too far from the tyre at the front, but it won't be hard to make up a long eyebolt and spacer to put it right.


Sarah said...

What rack is on the back of the Surly? That's exactly what I'm looking for. but I can't find anything like it from the "major" rack manufacturers.

David Benson said...

It is an old Minoura mini-rack that I scored about 20 years ago. I would be surprised if you could not find something similar in a Nitto rack from someone like Rivendell.