Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chris Whitley - Saturday update #2

From Peter Alexander:

Chris has continued to improve through the day, and has been responding well to questions from the medical staff and family visitors. At one point he commented he was “wired for sound”, so wanted to know what all his tubes and wires were, and the personality we know and love continues to peek through in these exchanges.

He continues to sleep a lot, but is awake more often and. He is co-operating with the medical staff and understands he needs to take time to heal, and that the best is being done for him.

He is being assessed for moving from to a ward soon so that is an indication of his progress. Once on the ward he will be more accessible for visitors, but shouldn’t be inundated.

Jan will have family around her over the coming week, but she and Chris will appreciate our support in the coming weeks as Chris goes through his various stages of recovery.

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