Monday, September 28, 2009

Arezzo... like two different towns- the new, which is crass and post WW2, and the old, where one could spend a lot of time and money.

I'm going to restrict my spending to tonight's dinner, and head for Siena in the morning.

I have worked out that I can take a detour through the worst of the gravel climbs on the Eroica course and then creep into Siena for a late lunch.

Today's ride was 95km. 1200m climbed, 900 in the first 30km, the remainder almost incidental. The climb was steep enough to be in the 28 a lot, but the road was good, both up and down, and I hardly saw a car.
Can't say the same for the last 40km, which was like the road to Hamilton used to be, except that the truck drivers dont hate you.


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