Thursday, September 24, 2009

Overlooking the Mediteranean, briefly

Today's plan was to ride over the Passa de somethingorother (Vestita?) to Massa, and then back to Castelnuvo de Garfagnana.
Thats about 80km, probably 2000m climbing.

Rolled myself comfortably to the top of the pass, looked at the faraway Mediteranean and decided that nearly 2 hours of climbing was enough for today.
Nattered incomprendingly with 3 septugenarians in full pro kit, then turned for home stopping only to get a coffee from a Sofia Loren lookalike at Arni.
This turned out to be a good decision- by the time I got to the hotel, did essential abblutions & laundry, and took myself to the Casa di Sandwich & Beer, I had the shakes.
A sandwich 20cm in diameter did not touch the sides, and the pizza slice that followed didnt seem so big either. Methinks I will finish lunch with gelato, then take a nap, before resuming consumption mid-afternoon.

Vege soup, fried polenta with cheese

Yesterday I learned that it is de rigeur to put olive oil in your vege soup, so I knew what to do with first course of the menu turistico in the local spaghettaria.
I have had polenta before, as a frighteningly yellow slop, but fried, it comes in domino shaped slabs, served with a couple of different cheeses.
Interesting, but probably not to be repeated.

At the table nearby, three Germans have a largish dog,which has not tried to get on the table once during their meal. I suspect it has been sedated.

I was dumb today- drank only half a bottle of water, and felt crap most of the afternoon. I need to recognise that climbing in the mountains I am sweating lots, even though I dont feel hot.

Fabian Cancellara cost me another slab of Tuis today. I have resolved to have no more such bets with Tim Woolford until Fabu goes for the Hour Record when we will wager more slabs of bad beer on the total distance.

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