Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Toano day 2

I'm sitting outside the house in the shade, eating the remainder of the day's provisions ie a banana and half a pack of campagnole biscuits, while willing crucial wardrobe items to dry in the afternoon sun.

Today the sun was out, and after a slothful start I was on the road by about 9:30.
I rolled down the hill that I climbed yesterday a far as Quara, and turned there for Gova, Novellano, Civago, Madonna di Pietrivolta, Frassinoro, Rubiano, Cerredolo, then back up the easier eastern side to Toano.
With eating, picture taking, map reading, roadsign interpretation and lollygagging this approx 70km sub-epic took me about 5 hours.
Like yesterday, about 1700m climbing.
The weather was perfect- fine & sunny, but cool enough that I kept my kneewarmers on until Cerredolo.
Tonight I'm going to venture back over the hill for pizza. Last night's dinner of ham & cheese sandwiches was fun in a desert island sort of way, but to do it twice would be a lowering of standards, wvwn for me.

Tomorrows itinerary is an early start, heading from Toana through Sologno & Ligonchio to No.63, which goes to La Spezia. If I hear that CTB is on his way I will go there and get the train to Milan; otherwise Ill veer southwards towards Massa for more fun in the Appenines.


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