Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Siena to Gaiole

Spent the AM sifting around Siena, gawping, and stealing wifi.

On Monday, the Gazzetto dello Sport was castigating the Azzuri for their failure to bring home any medals, while pointing out that things could be worse- Cadel's a good guy, clean, lives in a part of Switzerland that could almost be Italy, and best of all, his missus is Italian. I missed Tuesday's edition, but today they had a one page interview with Signora Evans, and no other cycling coverage that I could see.

I tried to find the Stazione, to ease my escape on Monday but after some chasing about I'm none the wiser. Eventually I spotted a sign for Gaiole, so I decided to go there before I became totally lost in Sienese suburbia.

The road to Gaiole is two or three big rollers, followed by about 15km of uphill drag. I have softpedalled it twice before in 2006, but today my legs were actually working, and I rolled up in my manly 47t big ring, and a variety of rear cogs.

Arrived in Gaiole before 2pm, when my room is supposed to be ready, and hoovered a plate of cheesy-spinachy tagliatelle in truffle sauce.

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