Sunday, September 13, 2009

Noodling around the lakes of Lombardy

With three days free betwixt bouts of work, I took myself on a ride around the lakes north of Milan.

Friday, I rode from Saronno to Luino on Lago di Maggiore, with an 800m vertical detour to a scenic dead end at Campo dei Fiori just out of Varese.
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Saturday, I crossed the Swiss border at Monteggio, negotiated the streets of Lugano, crossing back into to Italy a few kms later.
Lunched at Menaggio on the western shore of Lake Como, then headed clockwise around the lake to Belluno.

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Sunday AM I headed uphill from Belluno to Valsassina.
Had quiet roads for the first 90 minutes, but towards Lecco ran into the oncoming Milanese Sunday drivers
Made the mistake of following a roadsign for 'MILAN & LECCO' which plummeted me down a series of tunnels obviously not intended for bicycle. Inside, the echoes make it impossible to differentiate cars behind from oncoming, and you are buffeted by weird aircurrents.
Once through Lecco I did some kms on something that looked like a motorway, but, reassured by roadiebunches going in the other direction, stuck it out until a promising offramp presented.
Returned to Saronno via Como, where I stopped for a decent lunch of prosciuto e melone.
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